Home to the nation’s largest golf tournament, and perhaps more importantly James friggin’ Brown, Augusta is a mid-sized town on the Savannah River and South Carolina border. In fact, I accidentally drove to South Carolina to buy a battery for my camera during our stay there because it’s that darn close and the town is called North Augusta making things just plain confusing. Along historic Broad Street are some of the most unique restaurants including a 100% vegan restaurant/art gallery where we shamelessly photographed every corner of the eclectic space. But for whatever reason, outside of the month of April when every one in pastel colored shorts and high white socks flocks to the golf courses of Augusta, the town is relatively unknown as a travel destination. Hopefully these photos will change that, at least for the few people who read this blog post…


Urban exploration has always been something I wanted to do, so when one of the other program participants suggested we check out the abandoned Iraqi embassy for a day, I jumped right on board. 

The embassy served the former East German government and closed down in January 1991. Since then, it's stood empty. Up until a few years ago, documents and furniture remained scattered about, but unfortunately when we visited this had all been tidied and the doors and windows boarded up. We still managed to enter the building, however, and tried to imagine for ourselves how it must have once been (even though with the windows being boarded up, the only light we had came from holding our iPhones a few feet in front of our faces and hoping we didn't trip over anything). 

I've titled this chapter one because I am hoping we will explore more before leaving Berlin, and that I can continue when I return to Atlanta in September... :)