This weekend was the first-ever Wings & Whitewalls car and plane show hosted by the Aviation Wing of Marietta. While the event was geared to a more 1940s/50s, Rockabilly style (including a totally sweet pin-up contest), cars of all makes, models, and years were welcome with open...uh, doors? And with over 100 cars attending, it's sure to say they had a successful debut. 

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Wings & Whitewalls car show was, well, the Wings! The Aviation Wing of Marietta is a 15 acre park featuring civilian and military aircrafts from the latter half of the twentieth century, some of which were even produced in the city of Marietta by a prominent company Bell Aircraft!

There were also a few jivin' bands that performed, including the Sideburners and the Atomic Boogie, to kick start the day. 

Specifically for me, this was an exciting and eventful day because it was the first time ever I displayed my 1971 Mustang at a car show! Delilah has been with me for over five years, four of which she served as my daily driver – and that was before she had power steering. She will always be my baby, but I am glad to have been able to retire her and now show her off in all her glory. Which we will be doing a lot more in the future, since I am now slightly addicted to car shows...