They may not dye an entire river green like Chicago, but Knoxville definitely knows how to celebrate St. Paddy's. As one of many Americans to claim Irish heritage (however small a percentage it may be), I was ecstatic to join my sister for this weekend adventure. 

Scruffy City is most known for its music scene and having held the 1982 World's Fair, from which the iconic Sunsphere still stands and is open to the public for an epic view of downtown Knoxville. We managed to do see most of highlights before our friend's concert St. Paddy's evening. 

Of course, the hidden agenda behind our little getaway was to see our close childhood friend perform with one of his bands, Jacks River Band. Their funkadelic sound rocked St. Paddy's day for Scruffy City Hall until last call. Be sure to give them a listen and follow them on all the various channels (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, to name a few).