For our group's visit to one of the five German political foundations, we ended up at the Hans-Seidel Stiftung in Bavaria. The Hans-Seidel Stiftung is associated with the Christian Social Union, a political party which exists only in Bavaria and is considered the sister party to the largest political party in Germany, the Christian Democratic Union. Their conference center also happens to be a former Benedictine monastery, with a bowling alley and pool and sauna, so that's where we stayed for our four-day trip.


We also had the opportunity to take a day-trip to Nuremburg and learn the history of the city and the Bavarian state as a whole. And, of course, eat some awesome traditional Bavarian food.


Often called the Venice of Germany, Bamberg was another stop on our tour of Bavarian history. But the most interesting thing we visited here is actually only a few years old... (more to come in the next set of images). 

Aufnahmeeinrichtung Oberfranken

The Aufnahmeeinrichtung Oberfranken is a former U.S. military base now being used to house over 1,000 asylum seekers as they await their final placements. On site they have access to a school, healthcare, housing, and a cafeteria, with the average stay for an asylum seeking being around three months. Schooling can be a challenge due to the multiple languages spoken by the children, and while they make an effort to teach in German, they sometimes need to switch to English, or even just acting things out to break the language barrier. It is incredible to see this kind of work up close and honestly these pictures cannot do it justice.